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l e t ' s   t a l k   a b o u t    s e x 

"I am not even sure what I want and what works for me"

"I am in my mid-30s, but I still carry some guilt when pursuing my enjoyment in sex"

"I have not thought about what sexual pleasure means to me"

a b o u t   t a l k s h o p

talkshop is a 4-week workshop, co-designed with professional sex therapists, in which participants connect with other diverse women through online group sessions focused on sexuality and intimacy, accompanied by interpersonal reflection.


academic research on sexuality has shown the majority of dissatisfaction with sex lies in a lack of mind-body connection, psychosexual development issues, and concerns related to body-image and identity. our workshop has been developed with these key themes in mind to get you back in control of your body and your pleasure.


s t e p   1.   r e a d

read/watch curated content related to the theme of the week

videoconference (1).png

s t e p   2.   t a l k

in your designed small group, our facilitator will lead a guided discussion on the theme


s t e p   3.   r e f l e c t

you will do a fun post-session exercise, reflect and journal on the experience, and get feedback from your group

p r o g r a m   s t r u c t u r e

we explore your sexuality through four key lenses, which are analyzed in depth in the first four weeks of group discussion and personal reflection. the last two weeks of the program will be tailored and individualized to your group’s needs, and as determined by the group facilitator.

w e e k   1

analyzing your first sexual experiences and how they influenced how you identify yourself sexually and interpersonally

w e e k   2

understanding sociocultural and familial factors which have governed your thoughts and feelings on sexual behaviors

w e e k   3

exploring your significant relationships, the role of sex, and your communication style

w e e k   4

defining your ideas on sexual pleasure, and building a roadmap for experimentation

F A Q s

of course,

we are open to women of all levels of sexual experience and would love to have you!

my sexual experience is very limited; can I join?

I don't think I will have much content to share with the group

talkshop is not therapy, but it is an introductory workshop with support groups. 

if you are interested in therapy, we are happy to connect you with our therapists. feel free to contact us!

is this therapy?

we understand that everyone has a different level of comfort in talking about sexuality.  

please reach out to xxTALK team, we will be your ears and find the best way to help you.

I am interested in this topic but embarrassed to talk about in group 

sure, we are working on various ways to offer you more diverse and advanced sessions.

please stay tuned! 

I want to join a future session. will there be any other programs?

every support group will have a moderator, who will facilitate the discussion. for the pilot, it will be a mix of trained xxTALK team members or sex therapists.  

who leads the sessions?

members of talkshop could access to the online community, check out community section on our webpage for more details!

are there any other services for members?

if you have any more questions, please contact us! 

p a y   f o r   a   g o o d   h a b i t

we ask you to pay to participate in the talkshop pilot.

you will receive half of the payment if you complete the 4-week program.

the other half will be donated to local women’s shelters in the Boston and San Francisco area.

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